Obama May Reverse Some Bush Policies

WASHINGTON (CNN) – President-elect Barack Obama could reverse some of President Bush’s most controversial executive orders, including restrictions on embryonic stem cell research, shortly after taking office in January.

Two other executive orders from Bush — one dealing with a so-called “gag” order on international aid organizations regarding abortion, the other with oil and gas drilling on federal lands — also are receiving increased scrutiny.

Obama’s transition team is reviewing hundreds of Bush’s executive orders, according to John Podesta, Obama’s transition co-chair.

New presidents often use executive orders to put their stamp on Washington quickly. Unlike laws, which require months to complete and the consent of Congress, presidents can use their executive authority to order federal agencies to implement current policies.

“Much of what a president does, he really has to do with the Congress — for example, budgeting, legislation on policy — but executive actions are ones where the president can act alone,” said Martha Kumar of the White House Transition Project, a nonpartisan group established to help new presidential administrations.


~ by spyaokid on November 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “Obama May Reverse Some Bush Policies”

  1. I sure hope he reverse 99.9% of them. It is obvious that THE REPUBLICANS , RELIGIOUS RIGHT AND CONSERVATIVES are incapable of governing the nation to the benefit of all. I knew we were in trouble once all this religiosity, moral and evangelical Caca was being implemented as public policy. Religious dogma has no business in a secular society, governing all equally. That belongs in the realm of churches and those that CHOSE to attend them. Bush is the biggest fool of all by allowing these people to manipulate the Office Of The Presidency for the benefit of their agenda. Something they would never have received through proper channels. I want to see all restrictions on stem cell research lifted so that science can help people in dire need. Never under estimate the power of human stupidity and this Bush administration is the example of it. No, I want to see the republicans out of power for the next 50 years. It can be summarized in 2 words: THE PEOPLE. Something they clearly forgot.

  2. Obama wants to extend the stem cell search with no respect to a human embryo life. Yet he does not want to drill where it might kill animals. Go figure, animals live, babies aborted.
    Also what about this economy he is going to work on? Doesn’t look like that is his top priority!!!!

  3. I want everything to change. I watched in silent, silenced, horror what has happened in the last eight years. Katrina, OUR americans at peril. Poor. Black. American.
    A war based on false information – or was it a lie?
    Greed that average Americans cannot put our heads around. A greed that has bankrupt all americans as WE WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR, while the same people go on as business as usual with million dollar bonuses and retreats and perks? NO.
    And for Republicans: Stop the debate on why you lost: REPUBLICANS lost SHAMEFULLY because you gave us nothing to hold on to. You gave us the same fear. This other guy is bad. Be fearful. He will raise your taxes. He is guilty by association. He is a terrorist. And stop holding on to the religious right base. You will always lose from now on if you try to placate a base that does not care for the core Republican ideals of small government that does not impede my private life. No deficit- Hello? What happened to this party? Stop demonizing the other guy. 1) No deficit. 2) Get rid of the religious right’s influence.
    Stop takling about Palin. The real issue is we, all americans, are in the worst economic situation of our lifetimes. No working person alive today has ever in their past, or hopefully will experience, what we are facing now.
    I have hope. But I also want to call out the Right wing conservatives. YOU WERE WRONG. You have been Bad. Very Bad. It is my turn to be vocal.

  4. This past year the exorbitant cost of gas has seriously damaged our economy and society.Families struggled just to fill their vehicles up at the pump to tend to the bare necessities of life. Manafacturers passed on higher operating and shipping costs to consumers resulting in higher prices on every product imaginable. Most all electric companies asked for and were granted a record rate increase that further taxed the american family.Grocries went through the roof and many products not only cost more now they come in smaller packages. By the time we got done filling up the car and buying groceries most families had little left over to spend on so called extra’s , save or invest. In fact most had to dip into their savings just to get by as of late.So, we in turn cut back, cut out the extra’s maybe the cable, eating out, movies, going longer between hair cuts, some have even stopped taking necessary medicine because they can no longer afford it. We drive less, OPEC cuts production, we drive even less, they vow to cut more to jack the prices back up.(and they will) Our counrty spent 168 BILLION dollars on a economic stimulus package that did NOTHING for our economy. That would have gone a LONG way towards getting our nation started on the road to energy independence. We have so much available to us in the way of FREE ENERGY such as wind and solar. Electric plug in cars would cost the equivalent of 60 cents a gallon to drive. 168 BILLION would have gone a long way toward making that technology more affordable to the average Joe. Jeff Wilson has the best book ever called The Manhattan Project of 2009 Energy Independence NOW. If you are worried about our economy and want to see our nation become energy independent I highly recommend this book.


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